Wendy Tada(タダ ウェンディ)


My main areas of interest are second language early literacy development, bilingualism, teacher training, and the application of authentic materials.


  • Literacy development in a 2nd language
  • bilingual education
  • teacher training
  • early childhood English education
  • authentic materials (picture books and songs etc.)


For students who have recently graduated from undergraduate courses, this course enables you to further specialize your skills and gain valuable knowledge from experienced teachers who are brushing up their skills or English skills to improve their job opportunities and ability to answer to their students’ needs. Since only a very limited number of applicants are accepted into this course, you can quickly get to know both staff and teachers in a relaxed study environment.



  • Oral Corrective Feedback During Reading Aloud: Potential for Improving High Frequency Word Recognition
  • Vocabulary Development of a Biracial Infant in Japan
  • Pre-service Teachers’ Perceptions About a Course Including Conversation Practice with Teacher Training Students from Abroad


  • Vocabulary Learning Through Interactive Shared Book Reading in the Elementary School English Classroom
  • Teacher’s Code Switching and Students’ Perceptions in Japanese High School Classrooms: Focusing on Patterns and Functions
  • A Study on Building Healthy Relationships through English Classes in Japanese Elementary Schools


  • The Challenges of Communicative Language Teaching: A Japanese Case Study
  • JTE’s (Japanese Teachers of English) Views on the Effectiveness of Team Teaching in Developing Communication Skills in English Elementary Classes: a Japanese Thematic Study
  • EFL Teachers’ Views Regarding the Use of DRTA to Increase Accuracy in Creating Mind Maps for Reading Comprehension


  • Through my course/seminar, I hope to provide perspectives regarding English education as a native speaker, and also from my experience teaching literacy in an immersion preschool and as an ALT. I also hope to help you develop your English skills.
  • In my graduate course, I aim to introduce different approaches towards using reading materials that are both authentic, or textbook related reading materials. You will have opportunities to plan, practice and discuss ways of using reading materials with other students. This course is conducted in English.